1. How are wines chosen for TheWineArray?

    As part of their work, the members of our Tasting Team taste wines from all over the world. When one of them finds a wine they think should be included, they have the other members taste it. If all agree on that wine’s Factor Settings and that it is a wine of high quality, it is then recommended for inclusion. At that point, the wine maker is asked if they would like their wine to be on TheWineArray. Wines are included by invitation only.
  2. Who is on the Tasting Team?

    The members of our Tasting Team are all professional Wine Directors and Sommeliers who have worked in the wine industry for years. They not only have extensive experience and knowledge, they’ve each spent years honing their ability to communicate about wine to novices and experts alike. Their passion is wine, of course, but for them that passion includes sharing their knowledge with others. Go to their individual bio pages to get to know them better.
  3. Will a single winery have more than one wine on TheWineArray?

    It could, but only wines specifically chosen by our Tasting Team are on TheWineArray. Just because a winery has one wine on our site doesn’t mean that others will be included. So while there may be more than one wine from a winery, each is chosen individually by our Tasting Team.
  4. How long do wines stay in TheWineArray?

    The minimum time a wine is included is 3 months. Even if a wine is no longer included on the array it will remain in a User’s private cellar permanently if it was saved there.
  5. Can I recommend wines to TheWineArray?

    Absolutely. We welcome recommendations from our Users. Of course, any recommended wine has to go through the entire tasting process which can sometimes take quite a while. But if your recommendation is approved by our Tasting Team and the winery accepts our invitation to join us, you may see your recommendation included in an array.
  6. Are there any advertisements on TheWineArray?

    No. There are no ads of any kind on the site.
  7. Do wineries pay to have their wines included?

    Yes. Wineries pay a small fee for each wine included on our website. However, inclusion is by invitation only. No wine is included unless our Tasting Team has approved of that wine, and for a wine to be approved, every member of the Tasting Team must agree that it is high quality and fits a specific Factor Setting.
  8. Why can’t I buy recommended wines here on TheWineArray website?

    For the same reason a winery can’t ‘buy’ their way on to TheWineArray, we don’t want our Tasting Team worrying about whether we will be able to sell a particular wine. Restaurants may be forced to include wines on their lists that they know they can ‘move’, but we aren’t. Our wines are chosen with no considerations other than our Tasters’ experience. In the future, we may provide links to sites that will assist a User in locating wines, but to maintain our independence we will not sell wines. We will only recommend them.
  9. I don’t agree with a particular wine’s setting. Why is that?

    Taste is individual, and yours is not exactly like anyone else’s. If our Tasters think a wine has an Acid setting of 2 and you think it feels like a 3, then no one should ever try to tell you otherwise. If you like it, use that setting. If you think it’s too high, lower it to a 1. Our settings are ‘accurate’ in the sense that they are agreed upon by experienced professionals. They are there to give you a solid basis to help you make your own determinations about what you like. We mean it when we say, Your wine... to taste!
  10. What is TheWineArray’s privacy policy?

    Our approach is to maintain the privacy of our Users. We like our privacy and we assume you do too. For the specifics, please see our Privacy Policy.
  11. What’s next?

    We think of this as a work in progress that won’t ever be done. We have ideas for features we’ll be adding soon, and we hope if you have any comments on how we can make the site better you’ll let us know.