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Lemelson Vineyards
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Pinot Noir Jerome Reserve 2008

Willamette Valley, Oregon, USA

100% pinot noir

Jerome Reserve is always our most ageworthy Pinot noir: by design darker, richer and longer than our other wines. The Jerome Reserve combines spice and earth with dark and red fruits. Dark black cherry, cassis, red plum and strawberry jam are lifted by floral coriander and anise and darkened by vanilla and shiitake mushroom. The palate is bright and fresh yet powerful. The mid-palate reflects the nose but leans more toward red fruits that lead to a long, energetic finish. While this wine is interesting and pleasurable to drink now, we believe it will reward 5-10 years of cellaring.


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The Label

Producer: Lemelson Vineyards
Wine (proprietary name): Pinot Noir Jerome Reserve
Vintage: 2008
Labeled as: proprietary title
Country of origin: USA
Region: Oregon
Area/Appellation: Willamette Valley
Classification of Appellation: ava
Classification of Wine:
Alcohol %: 14.00

The Winemaking

Winemaker: Anthony King
Assistant Winemaker: Jim Esper
First Date of Production:
Handling of Fruit: hand picked
Sorted: sorted at picking, sorted at table
Stem: all destemmed
Yield of Harvest: 1.9 ton/acre
Method of Crush/Pressing:
Pre-fermantation Soak/Maceration: N
Temperature Controlled: N
Free Run Juice Only: N
Gravity Fed to Vessels: N
Type of Vessel for Fermentation: Stainless Steal/Inox
Size of Vessel:
Vessel Seal: Sealed Vessel
Fermentation Temperature Controlled: Y
Fermentation Style: Naturally Occured
Type of Yeasts: Native Yeasts
Carbonic Maceration: N
Length of Fermentation: 0
Pumped Over/Cap Agitation: Y
Malolactic Fermentation: Y    Percent: 100.00%
CO2/SO2 Added on Fermentation: CO2
Type of Ageing Vessel: Wooden Barrel
Type of Wood: French Oak  Wood Condition: 67%% New   33%% Used   
Origin of Barrels (if used): France
Size of Barrels Used: 225
Length of Maturation: 15 Month(s)
Extended Lees Contact: N
Fined (Type): N
Filtered (Type): N
Moved to Multiple Vessels?:
Date of Bottling: 2009-03-10
Age in Bottle Before Release: 0 Month(s)
Number of Bottles (750ml) Produced: 5000
Number of Magnums Produced: 0
Number of Half Bottles (375ml) Produced: 0
Closure Type: Natural Cork
Bottled with SO2: Y
Alcohol %: 14.00
Residual Sugars (Gram/Liter):
Total Acidity (Gram/Liter): 0.00
Total Ph: 0.00

The Vineyard

Total Vines Planted: 106 combined Acre
Density of Vines:
Wine Vineyard: Multiple Vineyards
Source Vineyard: Sourced from other Vineyards
Exposition of Vineyards: NE, SE, S, SW
Soil Type(s): Jory, Nekia, Willakenzie silty clay loam
Elevation of Vineyards: 260-1000 ft
Vineyards Description: Hillside
Average Age of Vines: 10 year(s)
Farming Methods: Organic
Irrigation: irrigated
Additional Vineyard Information: A blend of Vineyards: Meyer, Stermer, Johnson and Chestnut Hill. Lemelson Vineyards has farmed its vineyards organically from the beginning, in part because of Eric’s belief in organic farming. Knowing that great wines ultimately come from healthy vineyards, he sensed that winegrapes would develop their full flavor potential from vineyards managed without synthetic chemical inputs and with the use of techniques and practices that support living, healthy soils. In this view, synthetic chemicals are short-term solutions that may make farming less-expensive and labor intensive in the short term, while often damaging the complex biological relationships that support healthy vines over the long run. In addition, synthetic chemicals can obscure the unique attributes of each vineyard site (called terroir by the French). Ultimately, we hope you agree that the extra effort of organic farming and gentle, handcrafted winemaking techniques pays off “where it counts,” in the bottle.