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Patz and Hall Winery
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Hyde Vineyard Pinot Noir 2011

Napa Valley/Carneros, California, USA

100% pinot noir

Tasted June 2013- We at first knew it was going to hit the palate with explosive fruit, no doubt about it. Loads of juicy cherry fruit, spiced in cola and sweetened oak-vanilla was already gregariously rambling in the nose. Shy it was not. But pleasurable it certainly is and a balanced pleasure to be specific. As soon as it crossed the lips we could feel the opposing forces that made this a thrill to drink. The fruit tightened into more tart red-berries and rhubarb, maybe even something a bit citrusy. Here and there a bit of green spice popped up. All of this kept it from dissolving to pie filling stickiness since there is was too, immense concentration. This is after all California Pinot Noir, a direct product of the excessive amount of sun. Fruit is in its nature, along with higher alcohol and dark concentration. That extraction seemed to sink in and stain the palate with delicious, natural fruit complexity. Meanwhile, ricocheting around like a disco-ball light show, a brilliant acidity kept the energy excited and vibrating. Smartly, a certain amount of tannin kept the frivolity in check, without being too strict. What a great abundance of sensation. And knowing that all the Pinot Noirs are made identically at Patz and Hall, this is testimony to the amazing place where these grapes were grown. Super high energy tumulting into a choreography of strength and joy. Quite a wine to experience.


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The Label

Producer: Patz and Hall Winery
Wine (proprietary name): Hyde Vineyard Pinot Noir
Vintage: 2011
Labeled as: vineyard title
Country of origin: USA
Region: California
Area/Appellation: Napa Valley/Carneros
Classification of Appellation: ava
Classification of Wine:
Alcohol %: 14.20

The Winemaking

Winemaker: James Hall
Assistant Winemaker:
First Date of Production: 1996
Handling of Fruit: hand picked
Sorted: sorted at picking, sorted at table
Stem: partial stem inclusion
Yield of Harvest:
Method of Crush/Pressing: mechanical press Press Type: pneumatic
Pre-fermantation Soak/Maceration: Y     Length of Soak: short soak
Temperature Controlled: Y
Free Run Juice Only: Y
Gravity Fed to Vessels: Y
Type of Vessel for Fermentation: Resin Container
Size of Vessel: 1 ton
Vessel Seal: Open Top
Fermentation Temperature Controlled: Y
Fermentation Style: Induced
Type of Yeasts: Cultured Yeasts
Carbonic Maceration: N
Length of Fermentation: 10 Day(s)
Pumped Over/Cap Agitation: Y
Malolactic Fermentation: Y    Percent: 100.00%
CO2/SO2 Added on Fermentation: SO2
Type of Ageing Vessel: Wooden Barrel
Type of Wood: French Oak  Wood Condition: 50-70% New   30-50% Used   
Origin of Barrels (if used): Francois Freres Burgundy
Size of Barrels Used: 225
Length of Maturation: 10 Month(s)
Extended Lees Contact: N
Fined (Type): N
Filtered (Type): N
Moved to Multiple Vessels?:
Date of Bottling: 2013-05-00
Age in Bottle Before Release: 2 Month(s)
Number of Bottles (750ml) Produced: 4900
Number of Magnums Produced: 100
Number of Half Bottles (375ml) Produced: 0
Closure Type: Natural Cork
Bottled with SO2: Y
Alcohol %: 14.20
Residual Sugars (Gram/Liter):
Total Acidity (Gram/Liter): 0.00
Total Ph: 0.00

The Vineyard

Total Vines Planted: 176 Acre
Density of Vines:
Wine Vineyard: Single Vineyard
Source Vineyard: Sourced from other Vineyards
Exposition of Vineyards: SE, S, SW
Soil Type(s): The soil is about 36 inches deep, and the subsoil is impenetrable clay. Ancient creekbeds provide drainage to the red clay loam, and add a scattering of rocks.
Elevation of Vineyards: 180-230 ft
Vineyards Description: Hillside
Average Age of Vines: 10 year(s)
Farming Methods: Sustainable
Irrigation: irrigated
Additional Vineyard Information: Hyde Vineyard is justifiably considered one of the superstar vineyards in Carneros. Purchased in 1979, and planted two years later, this 179-acre property is cultivated as 44 distinct blocks. Adding to the depth and character of this iconic site, Hyde Vineyard is planted to 10 types of Pinot Noir and six varieties of Chardonnay. Of these, the Hyde-Wente Chardonnay and Hyde-Calera Pinot Noir were isolated by Larry, and are widely considered two of the finest selections in California viticulture. Representing one of the defining vineyards in our portfolio, we have been fortunate to work with fruit from Hyde since 1990, and have crafted single vineyard Pinot Noir and Chardonnay bottlings since 1996. Reflecting our long relationship with Larry, several sections of this world-class vineyard have been planted exclusively for Patz & Hall.