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Weingut Georg Breuer
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Riesling Rauenthaler Nonnenberg 2011

Rheingau - Rauenthal (Nonnenberg Monopole), Germany

100% riesling

Tasted June 2013- We found this to be an exceptional form of riesling in a style that truly sets it apart from many rieslings that come to mind. Rather than being completely showy and demonstrative with fruits and sugars, or powerful and exotic due to excessive ripeness gone dry, this reserved single-vineyard bottling is in control of its own expressions, asking the drinker to allow some time for the full display. The nose was mostly floral at this stage, with whiffs of ginger and lemon oil coming off the pale yellow surface. There is an obvious presence of minerals from the start, keeping any excessive "fruity" tones at bay. It took some serious swirling to coax more than simple freshness from the glass. On the palate it remained in total control. There were matured orchard fruits first, almost a bulls-eye bruised pear flavor, matched with light tropical tastes, dried sweet herbs and a bit of something toasted, evolved perhaps from the barrel. The minerality added a stony-spiced dimension and seemed to tighten the palate along with the acidity. Not that it ever had any lushness to tighten. The center of the wine seemed less filled. The flavors scurried away to the edges of the palate while the acidity cleaned up quickly. The main feel was delicate, a fragility that allowed the wine to slip away without the flavor dissipating. So again, unlike other rieslings, instead of coating the palate with any broad strokes of glycerin silk, this seemed to sink in to the mouth and leave an immaculate surface with an unending "stain" of flavors. There was enormous extract deep beneath the wine. Repeated sips offered the same clean feeling but a dramatic buildup in taste. The altogether dry and spirited finish allowed left the palate full of taste for several minutes after passing. That seemed to stop us right there and we waited for what would pop up next. If simply sipped quickly, this could have gone without notice but once identified, there was no missing it. Admittedly, we drank this very young in its life (it has plenty of time to develop and relax) but it is now very classy and very much in control of the experience. We would assume the wine maker gives credit to the vineyard itself for this presentation. As they mention on their website, "Nonnenberg is the most complex of our grand crus. It is characterized by aromas of tropical white fruits and boasts a fair play of minerality. However it will show all it's potential only after a few years in the bottles".


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The Label

Producer: Weingut Georg Breuer
Wine (proprietary name): Riesling Rauenthaler Nonnenberg
Vintage: 2011
Labeled as: vineyard title
Country of origin: Germany
Region: Rheingau
Area/Appellation: Rheingau - Rauenthal (Nonnenberg Monopole)
Classification of Appellation: qualitatswein
Classification of Wine:
Alcohol %: 11.50

The Winemaking

Winemaker: Teresa Breuer
Assistant Winemaker: Markus Lunden
First Date of Production: 1980s
Handling of Fruit: hand picked
Sorted: sorted at picking, sorted at table
Stem: all destemmed
Yield of Harvest:
Method of Crush/Pressing:
Pre-fermantation Soak/Maceration: N
Temperature Controlled: Y
Free Run Juice Only: Y
Gravity Fed to Vessels: Y
Type of Vessel for Fermentation: Stainless Steal/Inox
Size of Vessel: 1000
Vessel Seal: Sealed Vessel
Fermentation Temperature Controlled: Y
Fermentation Style: Naturally Occured
Type of Yeasts: Native Yeasts
Carbonic Maceration: N
Length of Fermentation: 15 Day(s)
Pumped Over/Cap Agitation: N
Malolactic Fermentation: N
CO2/SO2 Added on Fermentation: SO2
Type of Ageing Vessel: Wooden Barrel
Type of Wood: Foudre  Wood Condition: 100% Used   
Origin of Barrels (if used): German forests
Size of Barrels Used: 3000
Length of Maturation: 6 Month(s)
Extended Lees Contact: N
Fined (Type): N
Filtered (Type): N
Moved to Multiple Vessels?:
Date of Bottling: 2013-03-00
Age in Bottle Before Release: 1 Month(s)
Number of Bottles (750ml) Produced: 0
Number of Magnums Produced: 0
Number of Half Bottles (375ml) Produced: 0
Closure Type: Natural Cork
Bottled with SO2: Y
Alcohol %: 11.50
Residual Sugars (Gram/Liter): 11
Total Acidity (Gram/Liter): 0.00
Total Ph: 0.00

The Vineyard

Total Vines Planted: 5 Hectare
Density of Vines:
Wine Vineyard: Single Vineyard
Source Vineyard: Vineyards Estate Owned
Exposition of Vineyards: S
Soil Type(s): Predominantly deep Phyllite soils on a very steep single vineyard
Elevation of Vineyards:
Vineyards Description: Steep Slopes
Average Age of Vines: 50 year(s)
Farming Methods: Organic
Irrigation: dry farmed
Additional Vineyard Information: