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Poet's Leap
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Poet's Leap Riesling 2011

Columbia Valley, Washington, USA

100% riesling

Tasted June 2013- Ample fruits abound here from the moment the wine flows into the glass. It shows everything the fruit of the orchard would aspire to, equally fresh and robust with ripeness. High and brisk citrus peel matched a bursting juiciness of stone fruit and fragrant white apple flesh. It offered the best of the summer bushel from peel to core and all the succulent flavors in between with a healthy bouquet of spring flowers in the mix. The structural core of this wine was clearly the taught acidity. It kept the wine edgy and focused while the fruit cocktail gently round over the palate. It is most striking in the finish with a dramatic flash through the graciously smooth surface (there is a hint of sugar at play). Overall, this wine reads more from the Old World than of its domestic zipcode would suggest, offering some dramatic tension and direct minerality through the finish. A more robust riesling orchestrated with definition and clarity for a racy complexity. In the words of the winery: "Poet's Leap is a vibrant, refined wine showing impeccable balance. Layers of minerality, white flowers, dried apricots, refreshing citrus and a hint of honey provide complexity that lingers across the wine's clean finish."


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The Label

Producer: Poet's Leap
Wine (proprietary name): Poet's Leap Riesling
Vintage: 2011
Labeled as: varietal title
Country of origin: USA
Region: Washington
Area/Appellation: Columbia Valley
Classification of Appellation: ava
Classification of Wine:
Alcohol %: 12.30

The Winemaking

Winemaker: Armin Diel
Assistant Winemaker: Allen Shoup
First Date of Production: 2003
Handling of Fruit: hand picked
Sorted: sorted at picking, sorted at table
Stem: whole cluster
Yield of Harvest:
Method of Crush/Pressing: mechanical press Press Type: pneumatic
Pre-fermantation Soak/Maceration: N
Temperature Controlled: Y
Free Run Juice Only: Y
Gravity Fed to Vessels: N
Type of Vessel for Fermentation: Stainless Steal/Inox
Size of Vessel:
Vessel Seal: Sealed Vessel
Fermentation Temperature Controlled: Y
Fermentation Style: Induced
Type of Yeasts: Cultured Yeasts
Carbonic Maceration: N
Length of Fermentation: 15 Day(s)
Pumped Over/Cap Agitation: N
Malolactic Fermentation: N
CO2/SO2 Added on Fermentation: SO2
Type of Ageing Vessel: Stainless Steal/Inox
Origin of Barrels (if used):
Size of Barrels Used: 1500
Length of Maturation: 0 Month(s)
Extended Lees Contact: N
Fined (Type): N
Filtered (Type): N
Moved to Multiple Vessels?:
Date of Bottling: 0000-00-00
Age in Bottle Before Release: 0 Month(s)
Number of Bottles (750ml) Produced: 0
Number of Magnums Produced: 0
Number of Half Bottles (375ml) Produced: 0
Closure Type: Natural Cork
Bottled with SO2: Y
Alcohol %: 12.30
Residual Sugars (Gram/Liter): 13
Total Acidity (Gram/Liter): 8.10
Total Ph: 3.03

The Vineyard

Total Vines Planted:
Density of Vines:
Wine Vineyard: Multiple Vineyards
Source Vineyard: Sourced from other Vineyards
Exposition of Vineyards: SE, S, SW
Soil Type(s):
Elevation of Vineyards:
Vineyards Description: Steep Slopes
Average Age of Vines:
Farming Methods: Sustainable
Irrigation: dry farmed
Additional Vineyard Information: Poet's Leap Riesling brings together a distinct collection of Columbia Valley vineyards, each contributing unique components to the finished wine. Long Shadows' own Sonnet Vineyard at The Benches in the Horse Heaven Hills (59%) forms the basis for the blend. Planted in 2004 with German clones in close consultation with Armin, Sonnet gives the wine its delicious minerality. Yakima Valley's Phil Church Vineyard (27%) and Underwood Mountain Vineyard in the Columbia Gorge (4%) both contribute bright citrus and acidity. Tri-Cities' Sagemoor Vineyards (10%) adds a delicate hint of sweetness and a rich mouth feel.