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Domaine de la Pepiere
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Les Gras Moutons Muscadet Sevre et Maine "sur lie" 2011

Muscadet Sevre et Maine, France

100% melon de bourgogne

Tasted July2013- Any wine that matches an array of 13111 is bound to scream austerity long before the description is read and this wine is no arguement against it. This piercing white however, despite matching perfectly, brings something more to the conversation than just a one-word reductive thought. Admittedly, the mere wiff readies the palate to prepare for severe acidity, being preempted by the delicate green tint and the less than silken texture that rolls around the glass. It looks piercing. However, there is a true promise of complexity from a distinct mineral quality right from the start. It is a refection of the maritime influence and the brittle subsoils of the vineyards, amplified with the expression of the lees (expired yeast cells) that remain in contact with the wine almost to the moment of bottling. You might call it stony, flint-like and perhaps even a tad brined. But layer over this, a delicate lemon oil, some white fleshed orchard fruits, the tiniest touch of cream and rather pretty herbs, somewhere close to fennel. Rarely does this grape get trained to preform so well. It is Classic in the sense that it is made completely naturally, allowing the wine to become the expression of its place more than a wine that matches the common muscadet handed to the greater consumer masses. Sadly the "classic style" we are accustomed to is rushed into fermentation and stripped of most of its potential beyond brightly, oyster paired wine. We loved this Melon, sipped it slowly and finished the bottle. Too bad too, as this has the clarity and energy to last several days after opening (only to get better) and we guarantee it would only be more delicious revisited years from now with good cellaring. Lucky enough, it is inexpensive and plenty can be found. Great wine for those of us willing to brace for austerity of this array,


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The Label

Producer: Domaine de la Pepiere
Wine (proprietary name): Les Gras Moutons Muscadet Sevre et Maine "sur lie"
Vintage: 2011
Labeled as: proprietary title
Country of origin: France
Region: Loire Valley
Area/Appellation: Muscadet Sevre et Maine
Classification of Appellation: a.o.c.
Classification of Wine:
Alcohol %: 12.00

The Winemaking

Winemaker: Marc Ollivier
Assistant Winemaker: Remi Branger
First Date of Production: 1984
Handling of Fruit: hand picked
Sorted: sorted at picking, sorted at table
Stem: all destemmed
Yield of Harvest:
Method of Crush/Pressing: mechanical press Press Type: Pneumatic
Pre-fermantation Soak/Maceration: N
Temperature Controlled: Y
Free Run Juice Only: Y
Gravity Fed to Vessels: Y
Type of Vessel for Fermentation: Stainless Steal/Inox
Size of Vessel:
Vessel Seal: Sealed Vessel
Fermentation Temperature Controlled: Y
Fermentation Style: Naturally Occured
Type of Yeasts: Native Yeasts
Carbonic Maceration: N
Length of Fermentation: 45 Day(s)
Pumped Over/Cap Agitation: N
Malolactic Fermentation: N
CO2/SO2 Added on Fermentation: SO2
Type of Ageing Vessel: Stainless Steal/Inox
Origin of Barrels (if used):
Size of Barrels Used: 1500
Length of Maturation: 8 Month(s)
Extended Lees Contact: Stirred/Battonage
Fined (Type): N
Filtered (Type): lightly
Moved to Multiple Vessels?:
Date of Bottling: 2012-05-00
Age in Bottle Before Release: 1 Month(s)
Number of Bottles (750ml) Produced: 12000
Number of Magnums Produced: 0
Number of Half Bottles (375ml) Produced: 0
Closure Type: Natural Cork
Bottled with SO2: Y
Alcohol %: 12.00
Residual Sugars (Gram/Liter):
Total Acidity (Gram/Liter): 0.00
Total Ph: 0.00

The Vineyard

Total Vines Planted: 7 Hectare
Density of Vines:
Wine Vineyard: Single Vineyard
Source Vineyard: Vineyards Estate Owned
Exposition of Vineyards: S
Soil Type(s): Planted on the Coteaux du Maine (in the commune of Saint Fiacre), with granitic subsoils, a uniquely profound gneiss soil here is the base for the vines. A fine clayish-silica makes up the composition.
Elevation of Vineyards: 100-160 m
Vineyards Description: Hillside, Flat or Valley Floor
Average Age of Vines: 40 year(s)
Farming Methods: Organic
Irrigation: dry farmed
Additional Vineyard Information: Planted on one hillside facing south. Organically tended since 2007, with all manual working of the soils and organic compounds only. Certified AB organic. All new plantings come directly from cuttings of the original vines, planted here in 1984.